Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Some Seams it Seems

These four seam treatments were not all done the same day. I've been working on them off and on over the past week.

This first one is Cretan Stitch worked over baby rickrack with a row of buttonhole stitch on each side, and added beads.

Cretan Stitch over baby ric-rack, buttonhole stitch, beads

The second seam is two staggered rows of "Head of the Bull" stitch over purchased flower trim and with beads added.

Two staggered rows of Head-of-the-Bull stitch plus beads.

This next one is rather embarrassingly ugly! I tried various different treatments but the purchased trim underneath resisted all attempts to beautify it. In the end I figured it's just one very short seam in a large wall quilt. Hopefully it's ugliness will not become a focal point. My colour choices certainly leave something to be desired.

Wow! That just got uglier and uglier!

On a happier note, I actually like this last one. It's three tiers of Lazy Daisy Stitch over purchased trim. Simple but effective I think.

3 tiers of Lazy Daisy


Gene Black said...

I don't think that one is as ugly as you imagine. All of your stitchings look great.

Marlene said...

Well thanks Gene. I think I was right to leave it and move on. In the finished block it is but one short seam.