Friday, July 03, 2015

Left You Behind

I got so busy weaving, and doing other crafty things, that I forgot to update you all on this latest project.

  Warp choices for the Painted Inspiration Weave-a-long

A while back I initiated a weave-a-long on the "Saori Weaving for Everyone" group on Ravelry.  We now have 15 weavers participating!

warp wound

The idea is to choose a painting you love and then use it as inspiration for a Saori style weaving.

Warp Chain

The weaving does not have to be a pictorial representation of the painting. The idea is just to attempt to capture the 'mood' of the painting in colour and/or other elements.

Sleyed through the reed

So while I was absent from the blog I was busy choosing a painting to use as inspiration and then selecting yarns, winding a warp, and dressing the loom.

Reed upright and waiting for the shafts

The weather here has been hot, hot, HOT, so I dragged a portable table into the only air conditioned room in my house and sat there to do much of the prep work.


The dogs were more than happy to sit in the cool room with me while I worked.

Air conditioning is not to be enjoyed alone.

When I finally started weaving I was very surprised to have it take off, almost with a mind of its own, in a mildly tapestry-esk fashion. Not true tapestry, but kind of looking that way as I weave randomly in the colours I see as representing the painting.

Loving it so far.

I chose Evelyn Kirkaldy's "Kootenay Meadow" as my inspiration.

Kootenay Meadow

And here is how it looks now, after the second day of weaving. This particular technique, using a table fork as a 'beater' and weaving organic looking shapes in a wide variety of colours, thicknesses, and textures, is VERY SLOW going. I don't know if I'll be able to hold out for the entire four metres I wound, but I am enjoying myself so far.

slow progress


Gene Black said...

Ooh that is such a fun weaving. I am excited to see how you progress.

MarthaVA said...

That is a beautiful warp, and an amazing start to the weaving!!!!! Just beautiful!