Monday, July 13, 2015

Try, Try, and Try Again

I spent much of the day playing with copper wire. I started off using a tutorial and attempting a design that required a lot of hammering. The results were ---

--- lets just say "less than optimal"! Tricky little thing. It has extra, separate pieces that have to be wired in. I see now that attempting a symmetrical design while learning wire work is not such a great idea!

When I was finished I couldn't help laughing. This looks so much like those funny Pinterest posts were the novice creates a disasterous project that looks very little like the example and then exclaims, "Nailed it!".

After finally completing the hammered medallion I decided that I don't really care for that technique and will avoid it for awhile at least. I won't say "never again", but I think a lesson or at least more wire working experience should come first.

So after dinner I moved on to wire weaving and though this piece still uses three separate base wires it all fits together a little easier.

That still doesn't mean it was EASY. Nope, I found this one difficult too. Again with the symmetry problem.

I thought it wasn't too terribly bad until I took the picture. Why is it that the camera is always so eager to point out the flaws? Looking at these photos I realize that when I transitioned from single wire wrapping to wrapping 2 wires I made the same wrapping mistake EVERY time! Sheesh! Well at least I was consistent.

I'm not giving up!           Yet.


Gene Black said...

I suspect that only another person who does wire wrapping would see the errors. These pieces look great to me.

MarthaVA said...

I think both pieces are great! You're being too hard on yourself. The "flaws" show they are hand made. They add character. :-)

Any time I have to beat something up, or make a lot of noise with a craft, I decide it's not really for me. It sort of takes all the peace out of making it. I like gentle crafting, not hammering crafting. Well, unless I'm making something out of wood to use for crafting! lol


Marlene said...

I'm glad you think so Gene. I have more trouble letting go and allowing the flaws with this wire work than I do with the Saori weaving. Maybe that's why I like the weaving so much. I'm freer and less critical of the end result.

I have to agree about noisy hobbies Martha.I gave up on machine knitting for that very reason. Hand knitting is quiet and peaceful. Machine knitting is so noisy and mechanized. Sure it accomplishes the job a lot faster, but the speed of a project is not why I choose a hobby.

dynnamae n said...

Why is it, that some of us feel compelled to point out the flaws in our hand made works? I am guilty of this same thing. I think your earring and this copper piece are beautiful. we that don't make wire jewelry, would never see your "flaw". We just beautiful!