Sunday, July 19, 2015

Wire Wrapping Practice

It's surprisingly difficult to take a successful 'Ear Selfie'.

I have a large supply of the 22 gauge copper wire used as the base of many designs. It was coated scrap wire I received free, and just have to strip. I then only have to purchase the 28 gauge wire used for the actual wire wrapping/weaving. I've been practicing wire wrapping techniques by using this inexpensive copper wire rather than the more expensive silver. Once I'm happy with a style and technique I will do a "good" rendition in the silver.


Gene Black said...

I love it in the copper. It has the appeal of being different.

MarthaVA said...


Marlene said...

Thanks Gene. I quite like the look in copper too, for the same reasons, but I tend to only wear silver jewelry.

Thank you Martha. I quite enjoy playing with wire wrapping.