Sunday, November 22, 2015

Perfecting the Fit

Before going all out and sewing an entire dress for my Realfee girl (still with no faceplate!) only to find that it doesn't fit, this time I made a mock up of the pattern in paper toweling first.

This is MyOwnLittleWorld's pattern, "The Little Dress". I first made it up in the Littlefee size printed out at 86%.

YoSd @85% test fit

I wasn't crazy about the fit. It was too long, too wide in the shoulders, and could have used some more wiggle room in the hip area. 

Next I tried the same pattern but in the Lati Yellow SP size.

Testing for size.

The fit was much better in this version, but it was too short and the armholes could be roomier. 

With my new found experience I set to work to alter the Lati Yellow SP size to be a perfect fit for Realfee. I added 1/8" of length to the shoulder area which had the double effect of lowering the neckline slightly while at the same time giving more room to the armholes. Next I added 1/4" to the lower edge of the bodice, and another 1/4" in length to the ruffle piece.

Alterations to fit Realfee

Perfect length!

If she manages to arrive before Christmas she'll be all set with a little Christmas dress. I plan to knit a tiny, cropped cardigan in either red or green to go with it, but that will have to wait on a shipment of laceweight cashmere yarn I have ordered. 


Sweet Melodies said...

Its a cute Christmas dress. Reminds me I should be looking into making some for my girls. Does that mean the realfees can wear Lati SP clothing? I'm not familiar with Fairland sizes since I don't own any FL dolls.

Marlene said...

No,Sweet Melodies Lati Yellow SP clothing is a close fit but everything is too short. Patterns must have the length adjusted before they will work for Realfee.