Monday, November 23, 2015

Say Hello to Flame

After some rather lengthy and concerning delays, my little Soso faceplate has arrived home, safe, from the faceup artist's studio.

The postal tracking never did update after clearing Canada Customs. He arrived at my door today unannounced!

I was quick to let him in of course, and he's been entertaining me and making me smile ever since.

His name is FLAME.

He's quite the character.

I just know we're going to have a lot of fun!

He's well balanced and a wonderful poser.

At 19cm he's a wonderful size to knit and sew for. He's not so big that knitting becomes tedious and not so small that sewing is overly fiddly. Perfect!

Say hello to Flame in the comments. I'm pretty sure he'd like the attention!


Anja Meyfarth said...

Hello, Flame! I always was so fond of the Soso-face, and you look like lots of fun and silly mischief.
And I would like to say farewell to Googly-Eye, you were great fun and a sweet character of your own.

Gene Black said...

He is adorable! For those of us who are mostly clueless: would you post side-by-side photos of the before and after faceplate?

Marlene said...

Flame says "Hiya Anja!".

I'm so so glad to have a Soso back in my life. You may recall that I've had two before? A closed eye Realpuki Soso (Mr Magoo) and an open eyed Realfee Soso, (Ms Muffet). They were too small for my liking. This new Realfee size is perfect!

Isn't he great Gene? With your artistic talent you could do a wonderful job of customizing a ball jointed doll. I've created a new blog post with your requested comparison photos.

Flame is supposed to represent my creative muse. "Flame" being chosen as his name because "burning" is often used as a descriptive word for the passion that comes over us when we follow our muse and become lost in the creative process. He's an energetic little character, always having fun and flitting from one interest to another! Truly fitting as one of my muses.

Flame will have a companion eventually. I'm waiting on a quieter little character, one that will represent the softer, more internal, inspiration side of creativity.