Sunday, November 15, 2015

A Tiny Wardrobe

I spent some time this week sewing and knitting for the incoming Realfee Soso. After sending the Mari faceplate off to Sweden I have a female Realfee body here (19cm) and the Soso is intended to be a boy. That's okay though because I also have a male Realfee body and another Mari faceplate on order. When the Mari with a male body arrives she will trade bodies with the Soso so that I will have a male Soso and a female Mari. Got that?

Anyway, as I was saying, I've been knitting and sewing up a Realfee wardrobe.

First thing I tried was a little pair of overalls.

LittleFee overall pattern printed at 86% fits Realfee. Could be slightly smaller.

For these I took the "MyLittleWorld" "AllOver" pattern and had the Littlefee size copied at 86%. I think they turned out quite well!

Next I fussed around with itty bitty pockets. Topstitching those was a challenge!

Pockets for a tiny pair of jeans.

And those itty bitty pockets were added to the back of a pair of itty bitty jeans. These were once again a downsized Littlefee pattern.

LTF jeans at 86% fit RF -- except 1.25" too long!

You remember "Leggy" don't you? He was the model this time.

LTF jeans at 86% fit RF -- except 1.5" too long!

These turned out WAY too long, but I'm going to use them for the Soso anyway. 

Hmm, this post is getting a bit long. I'll continue with the knitted portion of the wardrobe tomorrow.


KB said...

Very cute!

Anja Meyfarth said...

They might be a bit too long, but they suit Leggy very well! I love those itty bitty pockets.