Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Elfonda Schelf's Plan

Elfonda Schelf's plan is to have me post a photo a day throughout the days leading up to Christmas. She and Flame will be up to the usual "Elf on the Shelf" activities and thought it might be fun to keep a photo journal this year.

They got a jump on the festive activities by putting the tree up on Sunday. That's a bit earlier than usual, (we usually wait until at least the first weekend in December) but time and opportunity made the weekend before more convenient.

Flame was thrilled to help out with the ornaments on the lower branches!

Such a cheerful little helper!

Today was Flame's first Home Schooling lesson. Elfonda is teaching him the fine art of Christmas ball gazing.

Apparently it's a lot like crystal ball reading but limited only to Christmas matters.

Things like:
  • Will the weather on Christmas Eve be safe for sleigh flight without added red nose support?
  • Best recipes for pumpkin pie and shortbread
  • What is Johnny's favourite colour?
  • Are the children all nestled snug in their beds?

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