Wednesday, December 02, 2015

With Flame's Help

Each year I at least try to have the first batch of shortbread made on the first of December. With Elfonda's instruction Flame did a great job of helping out this year!

He seemed to be having great fun up there on the counter, cutting out the little star shapes one by one.

He used my own personal shortbread recipe. It's kind of an hybrid of my family's recipe for a large batch of shortbread made with a full pound of real butter, and my husband's family's traditional "Canada Cornstarch" recipe.

You can find the recipe, and read more about the making of our family traditions, in a 2006 post, Shortbread Traditions.


Anne Randall said...

I've never rolled mine but do follow a 1 pound recipe of my moms. Does kneading and rolling them make them any less short? I usually just roll into a ball and flatten with a glass. Way to go getting them made on the 1st!

Marlene said...

I don't think it makes them any less short Anne. I've done the flattened ball method too, and don't really see any difference other than the final appearance. I just like the look of the cookies better when they are rolled and cut, but that is likely because of family tradition.

And ONE batch is never enough around here. I always end up making several before Christmas. I don't put my Christmas baking away "for Christmas". It's out there to be eaten as it's made. I make tarts, buttertart squares, and a few different varieties of cookies during December but they are usually all but gone by Christmas day. People are too stuffed with turkey and all the trimmings anyway!

Anne Randall said...

Ya it's a good idea, (the eat as you go) method. I've been rethinking Xmas baking these last few years. Why save for one or two special days. Now to just do it!

Randomfish said...

Flame is such a dedicated little helper! Very cute pictures. I love shortbread cookies... :)

dynnamae n said...

I recall going to your post about the shortbread cookies. And I tried both kinds of recipes. I enjoy all the shortbread recipes no matter the variations. Flame is so cute and looks very helpful with your baking.