Friday, December 04, 2015

Brown Paper Packages

Around Christmas time everyone seems to love a visit from the postal delivery man. Flame is no exception. He was so excited about the big brown box that he nearly pushed it up the stairs single handedly.

Not all December deliveries are filled with gifts though. Some are stuffed to the brim with supplies for making presents! In a house filled with crafty elves, that is even BETTER!!

Flame was quick to point out that this particular box is from Knitpicks so maybe Elfonda Schelf's yarn had arrived.

Elfonda is in her glory. All her favourite colours! Flame is thrilled too. Elfonda has promised him knitting lessons.

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Randomfish said...

LOL Boxes from Knitpicks are one of my favourite things too! I'm sure he will pick up knitting in no time at all. :D