Saturday, August 20, 2016

Appreciating Shade

So grateful for the shade!

My daily dog walks are usually one and a half to two hours long, but with the extreme heat we've been experiencing I've had to shorten them up some, for my sake and for the dog's.

Kona insists that the walks still happen, but she's no dummy. When given a choice she always picks a route that takes her through the shady spots and down to the slough for a drink. 

Luckily, early in the morning one of our favourite routes has plenty of shade -- at least until we have to head home along the hot city streets.

Even then Kona will want to cross the road if it means she will be able to walk within the shadows.

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Gene Black said...

Having spent several vacations in the Yucatan, I learned that the Yucatecan's will use any bit of shade possible. I also learned why! Very quickly, I was taking advantage of any shade possible.