Saturday, August 27, 2016

CH60 Inaugural Warp

Warp's on the new Saori CH60 and I'm back weaving again.

Inaugural warp.

New Saori looms come with a pre-threaded, sleyed, and beamed warp so once the loom itself is assembled it only takes a few minutes to tie on and your're off and weaving. It was a welcome reward for the time spent actually building the loom!

The colourful blips in the first section of weaving have generated quite a bit of interest in the Saori forums I've posted the picture in, so I'll explain in more detail for those who do not frequent those forums.

The warp is the all black cotton pre-wound that came with the loom It's 150 threads wide and 6m long. It's threaded one end per dent in a 5dp-cm reed. It's a bit widely spaced for my tastes but I wasn't about to mess with re-sleying the whole thing over that.

Weft choices for inaugural warp.

The 'background' weft is "Dalegarn - Falk" (100% wool sportsweight) that I had on hand from a failed knitting project. The pretty pops of colour and texture that so many are raving over is from a ball of "Brunello Black" (67% wool, 33% acrylic) which is a discontinued super bulky weight yarn. The ball in the photo is obviously not the colour used in the weaving. I used that colour up.

My plan is to use this yardage to make hats. The main part will be woven but each hat will have a hand knitted ribbing. We'll see how that plan goes once the yardage is wet finished. I think this first section may be a bit stiff for the intended purpose. I've got another section done now and I'm being super careful to gently 'place' the weft so that there will be room for a slight fulling of the finished fabric.


Gene Black said...

And since you had the pre-setup warp, and hung it yourself, you know how great an extra inside set can be. You can thread it up and have it ready to go on the loom.

Marlene said...

Well after the inaugural warp a person still has to thead and sley those prewound Saori warps themselves though Gene. The prewounds save the time and effort of winding and then beaming a warp, but not the theading and sleying.

I actually don't mind winding my own warps now that I have a Saori warping board which makes that part of the process so much easier on my back. Add in the Saori cross holder and harness holder and I actually find the whole process of warping to be comfortable and enjoyable, not just weaving it off.

An inside set might be a great thing to have around when you really, really want to work on something other than the warp that is currently on the loom but I know myself too well. If I took a warp off the loom it is likely there was something that was bugging me about it and I wouldn't ever go back to it. I could see using an inside set to get the next warp while still weaving on one at the loom though. But since that would really be my only purpose I just can't justify the expense.