Thursday, August 25, 2016

Some Assembly Required

This could be -- interesting.

                        Perhaps even --- Challenging!

My new loom arrived yesterday afternoon. I was warned. Yes I was. I knew it was coming in pieces and would need assembly. Perhaps I was unprepared for the magnitude of this job?


This is how far I've gotten so far.


Yes, so far I've only unwrapped most of it and identified (most) of the pieces. To be fair I spent all day yesterday, and well into the evening, decluttering, organizing and cleaning my weaving room. I only got around to opening the box this morning. I have a lengthy eye exam scheduled for today so I'm not likely to get the whole loom assembled, let alone operating, until tomorrow, but I'll pick away at it whenever I have a moment.


Joanne@ Desertmountainbear said...

I hope you will show us a photo of it all together. A weaving room sounds like such a wonderful place to be, to have.

Marlene said...

I sure will Joanne. A weaving room is indeed a wonderful place to be -- especially when it is no longer overcrowded with clutter.

Gene Black said...

Holy Cow! I have never seen a Saori loom in so many pieces. I am so glad mine was fully assembled when I got it.

Marlene said...

Yes Gene, be glad, be very, very glad. It was challenging to say the least. There are a few pieces that, despite some very good labeling, can be put in more than one way. If you get it wrong there is a bit of "un-building and re-building" that must be done. Yes, I do know through experience.