Saturday, February 11, 2017

A Surprise Ending

That there is another "warp as weft" cowl/scarf is no big surprise,

I enjoy weaving them and they are a good use for little bits of this and that in the yarn stash.

But when I wound the warp for this cowl I intended to weave a hat from the same warp. That is not how this warp ended. Although this warp made a pretty cowl with a light, spring like look, it just didn't seem right for the intended hat. I also had more than enough for just a hat.

When I cut the remaining length into three pieces and sewed them side by side they made a piece exactly the right size and shape to become upholstery fabric for my loom bench.

I backed the handwoven fabric with heavy fusible interfacing and padded the seat with 1" foam layered with a little extra in the middle.

It makes a super comfy and very inviting place to weave. 


Gene Black said...

Your bench looks great! I would be happy to sit on that and weave.

doris said...

Beautiful and very comfortable

Marlene said...

It's funny how much of a difference some small detail like that has made in my weaving room Gene. It makes the whole room look more inviting.

Thanks Doris. I'm glad you like it. It really is comfortable!