Thursday, February 09, 2017

Ice Storm of 2017

I'm sure this will be a day that Chilliwack residents remember for a long, long time.

The ICE Storm of 2017!

As if the incredible amount of snow we've had this winter weren't enough!

We were expecting more snow last night, but instead we got freezing rain. MUCH more dangerous.

All day long I've been listening to the loud cracks and bangs of branches breaking and huge limbs, or entire trees, coming down in the neighbourhood. 

Looks like we are going to lose two trees and two entire rows of Pyramid Cedars ourselves. We've even had sections of a neighbour's trees fall into our yard.

My poor dogwood tree looks sadder by the hour. I don't think it will survive.

Everywhere we look

our world is covered in ice!


Gene Black said...

Yuck! That is such a terrible type of weather to deal with. We had something like that back in 1993 that was described as the "Storm of the Century" - it was mostly snow. But this far south we are not prepared for anything like that. As it thawed and refroze there was lots of ice too.

Carla Ensink said...

I'm 'next door' in Lynden WA. What a crazy storm! We got hit early on and weren't prepared. Our power was out for 14 hours or so and we had no heat. Nice that things are finally melting! I hope your dogwood tree survives. They are my favorite.