Friday, February 10, 2017

The Aftermath

Ventured forth today to walk the dog and survey the storm damage around my neighbourhood.

Shocking how many trees sustained heavy damage.

The crews that attend to Townsend Park will be busy once the ice crusted snow clears a bit.

Some of the trees there will need heavy pruning or complete removal.

There isn't much left of the tree in the above picture!

But for now I don't think too many people will be walking the non-existent paths through the park. To step off the beaten track is to invite shin skinning! About 70 pounds (the dog's weight) seems to be about the limit before breaking through the very hard ice crusting the deep snow. 

My shins can tell you that one or two steps is more than far enough!

It's not just the parks of course. All around the neighbourhood there are downed trees and fallen branches.

Looks like some narrowly missed vehicles. 

Ice falling from overhead lines and branches must have been dangerous! Luckily now it's just crunchy shrapnel underfoot.

1 comment:

Gene Black said...

Ice on top of snow can be a real danger. I am glad you decided to stay off of it.