Monday, May 15, 2017

Unusual Construction

I took that weaving I wasn't too happy with and made a vest I actually like!

It's unusual construction started with some notes posted by Sally Gray, a fellow Saori weaver  on a Raverly forum.

My handwoven fabric wasn't of the same dimensions as hers so I had to tweak the idea to work with what I had available.

The fit is good and the vest is very comfortable to wear.

I'll be shopping for a large focal button to close the front though, as I think it will look better that way.



Gene Black said...

I really like the vest. I liked Sally's version also.
I would want the upper back panel to be just a bit wider though. This is a lovely use of the fabric - and it looks great on you.

Marlene said...

Thanks Gene. I really like the side draping on Sally's vest but didn't have the length to do the same. I'm happy with my workaround. I agree that the upper back panel would look better if it was a bit wider, but at the same time it can't go too much wider without pulling the scarf like shawl collar too far away from the neck and perhaps slouching off the edges of the shoulders. If it was significantly wider I think it would be wise to add shaping to the upper back piece to account for shoulder slope.