Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Where To Store Nine Snowflakes?

I managed to re-tat those snowflakes, so now I have nine nearly perfect ones ready to give away next Christmas. The original ones weren't stiff enough so I re-blocked the whole batch.

Now I have to decide where to store them safely until it's time to send them out. It's not so much the problem of finding a place, but finding one that I will remember come December!


PJ said...

No two snowflakes are alike! haha...BEAUTIFUL WORK!

Marlene said...

Well these ones are pretty close to identical, but they are all destined for different Christmas trees so it won't matter. If I make more snowflakes in the coming years I will choose a different pattern each year.

Gene Black said...

If you use Google Calendar, you can put a note on Dec 1st (or day of your choosing) with the "where the snowflakes are stored" information.
I use Google calendar a lot.

Marlene said...

Oh, GREAT idea Gene. Now to think of somehwhere safe yet accessible, and then give myself a reminder using Google Calendar.

God's Kid said...

Beautiful snowflakes!! :)
Hmmm...maybe store near your Christmas cards or wrapping paper.