Monday, April 11, 2005

Clementine Cadiddlehopper

Meet Clementine Cadiddlehopper, made for no other reason than her exceptional cuteness.

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note: Although they look different in the picture, the ears ARE the same length.

I started with the knitting pattern for "Fluffy" from Bernat's "Animal Farm" Booklet. You can see it at the Mary Maxim site by typing "Fluffy" into their search bar.

As you can see, Mary Maxim's "Fluffy" and my "Clementine" are not identical. I bought my supplies locally and could not find an animal nose in the proper size. I had to embroider mine. From there on out, Clementine took on a life of her own. While I was in the process of making her she looked first like a harp seal, then a beaver, and until I lengthened the ears, a fluffy white puppy. It wasn't until I started soft sculpturing the face (an innovation of my own) that she finally started looking like the bunny she was meant to be. It was the overbite than finally made the difference.

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kristo said...

She's sooooo cute!

Anonymous said...

Yours is WAAAAAY cuter than the one on the Mary Maxim site. I may start having to knit animals what with your little puppy, MONKEY and Duck by another very talented knitter ;-)


Katy said...

clementine is adorable. And I must admit that I have a special soft spot for her, as my dad used to call me kadiddlehopper when I was a little girl. ;)

Maggie Ann said...

She is so cute, its hard to believe you made her, (but I do):-)

Michelle said...

Awwwww, what a cutie!