Thursday, April 07, 2005

Summer Knitty

Have you seen the Summer issue of "Knitty"? Lately I haven't found much that interests me in the way of patterns in printed magazines, but this issue of "Knitty" has a few that I would actually like to knit some day. I have an annoying tendency to forget where I came across free internet patterns by the time I am ready to knit them, so this time I have printed them off to stash in my pattern binder.

I really liked the "Branching Out" scarf. I even have a yarn or two in my stash that would work for this.

"Soleil" is also a possible future project, although not likely this year. Does the lace edging look to matronly to you?

"W" really caught my eye. This is one top that hand painted or variegated yarn might really work well with. The short row shaping really gives the color variegation an artsy look instead of the usual "grandma's acrylic nightmare" effect.

I'm not sure if I would ever knit or wear "Cleaves", but I have to admit that the idea does make sense. I often wear tank tops in the heat of the summer, but then as the evening turns chilly I wish that I had a set of sleeves I could pull on.

I'm also printing off "Hot Tamale" even though I don't ever wear skirts anymore. It's the graphed flames that I am interested in. I think they would look great on the bottom edge of a sweater. Knitted up they might be interesting as a backdrop to my "Wovenflame" header too.


dragon knitter said...

there's a sweater in snb nation that has the flames as well. they are cool, aren't they? i doubt i could find anybody around here with enough chutzpah to wear it, and i don't do knit skirts, but hey, it's fun!

Jenny said...

I really like the "Branching Out" scarf too. I've been wanting a pattern just like that, so I am anxious to work on it. Ah, but first I must make myself finish the baby blanket in the next two weeks. I like all the tank tops too, but only to make for my daughter, not me!! I don't think the lace edging on "Soleil" looks matronly, just lovely. I really liked "Cambio" too, but I don't think my daughter would wear it. I may make it 'just because' one day......

kristo said...

Hey mom, if you make that skirt, I will wear it..... its awesome.