Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Spinning, Knitting and *gag* Sewing

The drop spindle spinning continues. I love it and even though I have been busy with other pursuits I have still managed to find snippets of time to spin for a bit. My resulting singles are improving with each spindle full. My addiction deepens!

In other fiber arts arenas, I have been working away on the knitted purse I started and posted a picture of a while back. It is taking quite some time but it is almost done and it is turning out lovely. Unfortunately lining it requires that I do some sewing. I used to love sewing but avoid it as much as possible now. I find it aggravating and also hard on my back. Last night's attempts proved that aggravation and back pain are still very much a part of sewing for me. Hopefully today after hunting down some more lining (I trashed the first lot!), I will get this sewing over with and will have a finished purse to show you tomorrow.

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