Sunday, April 10, 2005

A Little Scattered.

I'm actively working on a number of knitting projects at once right now. That really isn't my normal style. I usually work on one thing exclusively, if not until finished, at least until all interest in it dies and I toss it aside to work exclusively on something else.

I'm participating in the "Raw Chicken Viking Hat Knit-along", so have been working on that sporadically. Here is how it looks so far, drumsticks and Earflaps yet to be added.

Image hosted by

I also have the "Shapely Tank" on the go and pick that up whenever I have time. No progress pictures with that one, just imagine miles and miles of stockinette in plain white. *yawn*

Road trips have me working on another pair of socks, this pair in a more sedate colorway than those last, bright yellow ones. I expect this project to take quite some time. I usually only knit socks while traveling or while watching TV (which I don't do a lot of).

In between all this I jumped into yet another project. I was looking through the Mary Maxim catalogue and saw something I found quite useless but totally irresistible. I was able to find the pattern at the LYS and the necessary yarns at Zellers and I was off and knitting. Two days later the project is finished and looking great. Check in tomorrow for the official unveiling when I have a picture or two to show. Until then it's exact nature shall remain a secret.

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Michelle said...

LOL Selby is a great model! Looking forward to seeing the hat all done.