Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Baby Pictures

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We just returned from a trip to Prince George to visit relatives and fawn over the newest arrivals, two beautiful baby girls shown here with their proud mommies (our nieces).

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Have you ever seen such a relaxed newborn?! (16 days)

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Here she is, a little less relaxed,expressing her distaste at being dressed (on a hideously HOT day) in a hot sweater and hat just so the paparazzo great aunt can get a picture for her blog. Oh the things a celebrity has to endure!

You might remember the lavender baby set from a post back in March.


Leisel said...

Oh, that is one cute sweater (one one CUTE baby). It'll be perfect this fall when she's grown into it!

marti said...

those are very cute niecelets. you have every right to be proud.

dragon knitter said...

too precious

Anonymous said...

Hi Marlene, just had to let you know of all the great comments about this little sweater set at the University Arts and Crafts Sale. It is a juried sale, so has some higher quality craftsman. Ashlyn was wearing the sweater and hat set. I am not joking when I say that almost every second table admired it. Callie and I always owned up and said it was from her great Auntie. She looks much sweeter wearing it now, all chubby cheeks. Callie said she will send a pic your way! Anne