Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Daddy, Our Baby's Gone

Our youngest daughter got married on Saturday.

Why is it that, even though she left home four years ago and she is not moving any further away, she feels so much more "gone" than before the wedding?

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Is it that we actually "handed her over"....officially?

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...even if it is to a handsome man who obviously adores her?

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She's Mrs. Angus now.....

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...gone from her parents side to be with her husband...

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Daddy, our baby's gone!

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Jackie said...

Your daughter looks so beautiful and happy. What a pretty dress and shawl! I hope she and her new husband have many years of wedded bliss.

Jackie said...

oops... ignore the website, I should have used my email.

midgeling said...

Just beautiful. Congratulations! Best wishes to the newlyweds.

Fraggle said...

It looks like it was a beautiful wedding. I know you're proud.

Maggie Ann said...

Your daughter and new son-in-law make a great looking couple as do you and your husband. I loved seeing these pictures, they brought tears to my eyes. There's something wonderful and sad at the same time about giving your daughter in marriage. Your shawls are lovely and your daughter is beautiful! Congratulations!

hockey mom said...

Thank you for sharing. She's beautiful and he obviously adores her.

Congratulations. There will be so much you more you have gained.

The saying goes "A son is a son til he takes a wife, a daughter's a daughter for the rest of her life."

Anonymous said...

How lovely - Congratulations. I loved the picture of you and your daughter; you look so proud and brave. It's touching and brings a tear to my eyes as I write this. Your new son in law is very handsome indeed. Your daughter looks very pretty and happy. Try not thinking of it as a loss but as a wonderful expansion to your family.


Sandysknitting said...

I could just cry looking at the wonderful picture of you and your married daughter!
Such beautiful shawls! It was all worth it!
Hugs for you.

Marlene said...

Sandy, I can't help feeling that those stoles are "fakes". I crocheted them up quick (only about a day and a half each) in acrylic boucle so we would have something warm to wear over our outfits.

My "real" shawl, knit in laceweight and requiring a couple of months of work, was finished in that same time period.

As it turned out we REALLY needed the nice, warm stoles just to get through all the photo taking. It was quite cold and everyone was out of their "fancy" clothes and back into jeans and heavy jackets within no time.

marti said...

She made a beautiful bride, and oh so happy. You and you dh did a good job. sniff.