Wednesday, September 21, 2005


I've a new WIP on the needles. It's model no. 11 from "Drops, Strikk Design #78 " by Garnstudio, otherwise named "Cardigan in Muskat" which is a name I won't be using, of course, as I am making it in "Online Marly" not the Muskat used in magazine.

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This is a bit of a challenge to knit, not because the pattern is difficult (it's not), but because the superwash merino wool I am using changes dramatically in gauge when washed. It's a good thing I remembered someone from KR mentioning this annoying characteristic of superwash wool and first washed my gauge swatch!

I knit up a gauge swatch using 4 progressively larger needle sizes. Before washing, the third needle size gave nearly perfect gauge. After washing and drying by machine it had stretched dramatically in width and had shrunk significantly in length. Now I am using the smallest needle size, to get the stitch gauge, and making all kinds of adjustments for the difference in row gauge. Wherever a measurement is used in the pattern, I must convert the information to rows per cm after washing and drying, and use that number. Similarly, when a specific row number (such as between sleeve increases) is given, I first have to calculate how many cm that would have been, then calculate it with the after-washing row gauge and make the adjustments.

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All this extra calculation is a pain. There is also the nerve wracking problem of not being able to try it on as I go to be sure all my calculations are correct. This project will be completely done AND washed before I will know if it is a raging success or a dismal failure. *sigh*


Rabbitch said...

You're a far braver woman than am I. The colour is gorgeous and the stitch is very pretty. I shall look forward to seeing the outcome!

Maggie Ann said...

I love the color also and you are one smart lady to figure all the calculations out. Does your husband know you are this smart! *smiles*

Marlene said...

We'll see how "smart" I am when it is all done and I can finally try it on. Hopefully it will fit.

Meanwhile, a new project has caught my attention and I am temporarily sidetracked.

midgeling said...

You rock. There is no way I could bring myself to do all that and manage to force myself to keep track of it all. Kudos to you! The swatch looks great, so I am sure the cardi will be very pretty!