Tuesday, September 27, 2005

One Done, Another Started

One project finished and another nearly half done.

I finished the lace scarf I was working on. It's not quite what I expected. It's rather limp and lacking body. That would be a product of the laceweight Zepher I used, not a fault of the pattern itself. The pattern calls for fingering weight yarn, but in shawls people seem to get good results with either fingering or laceweight, so I thought it would be okay. I'll try it again someday using a heavier yarn.

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Next up on the needles, a pair of Latvian mittens. The climate where I live is rather mild for such a thick mitten. The coldest part of winter here rarely requires much more than a lightweight driving glove. I'm knitting these more for the challenge and experience than anything.

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My color choices were quite limited as I am just using up stuff from my stash. These yarns are "hand-me-downs" given to me by my daughter who received them from her grandmother-in-law.


Rabbitch said...

The scarf is pretty -- any shortcomings are the fault of the yarn, not the artisan.

Are those beads on it, or is it just a trick of the light?

Marlene said...

Yes, there are a few beads in the scarf. I used the leftovers (beads and laceweight Zepher) from the Peacock Feathers Shawl I finished recently. Somehow the light as air yarn is fantastic in the shawl, but a bit of a fizzle in the scarf.

dragon knitter said...

i liked it. very delicate, and lacy, and just the right amount of sparkle. you are right, though, it does seem a tiny bit lacking. not due to you, though dear. your knitting, as usual, is excellent (wish i had your talent!)

Dandy said...

Both the scarf and the mittens are beautiful... I'm especially fond of the mitts.... being that it's getting colder here in sask, a girl need good warm mitts!!

Maggie Ann said...

Marlene, your lace scarf is just wonderful! and the mitten is unbelievable that anyone could knit on that level...but I know you do. I always come over to admire your creations and see what you are up to. I'm in awe...again *smiles*