Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Gnomy Variation

This is a "Gnomy Hat". I was going to say it was child size since it doesn't even come close to fitting my fat head but I just measured the wig stand and her head measures 20 inches. According to the Craft Yarn Council of America that is the standard women's size.

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The basic Gnomy Hat pattern is in Elizabeth Zimmermann's "Knitter's Almanac", page 69. Instead of inserting a ping pong ball in the tip as Elizabeth did, I extended the point some and knotted it. I knit it of hand dyed, handspun 2 ply wool. I didn't dye the wool myself, but I did spin it from purchased, sprinkle dyed roving. I combined one ply of the hand dyed and one ply of natural, brown wool.

I am also knitting a pair of thick socks from the same wool. I hope to get those completed today as they are destined for the Chilliwack Christmas Craft Fair and the guild Standards Committee must have them to "approve" by tomorrow.


kristo said...

that hat is soooooooo cool! it will sell for sure! (maybe to me!!! :-D )

dragon knitter said...

pardon my french, but bullshit. i meausured my head once for a customer because she wanted to know if a hat was going to fit her or her child, and it was 22". now, if they say 20" unstretched, i'll buy that.

i made a similar hat for my sons out of handspun yarn, and they adore it (i only had neough yarn for one hat, so they share, lol). i should post a pic of it, eh?

yours is very nice

Marlene said...

I know that my own head measures 23 1/8" which IS rather large for a woman. I never fit the hats in stores....not even most of the men's hats. The chart I was looking at says 23" for a men's standard size.

I decided to avoid the issue completely by just marking it as 20" size. The buyer will have to decide whether or not it will fit.