Monday, November 07, 2005

Grandnieces in Cupcakes

Two cute little grandnieces received their surprise packages.

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Ashlyn looks happy with her Strawberry Cupcake Hat.

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And Isabella seems pretty darn pleased with the chocolate one.

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And the amazing thing is they both kept them on and continued to play!

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....which of course pleased this Great Auntie . (Great Auntie....that makes me sound ancient doesn't it? *sheesh*, it sounds older than "Grandma".)

PS - sorry about the large pictures. For some reason I couldn't get these into my photo editing program to crop and resize them.

EDIT: I should point out that these hats were altered to be smaller, and fit a younger child, than the original pattern measurements. I used a tighter gauge and reduced some of the depth in the "icing" portion.


Anonymous said...

Marlene, No I haven't fallen off the face of the earth--that would have been far too easy! My mother fell at the beginning of Sept. and has been in hospital/nursing home ever since. She wound up with a hairline fracture of the pelvis; a broken arm; a "boil" on her seat because she could barely move, she had to have that lanced and then developed a staph infection. She had surgery to repair the arm and it is still in a cast. Her bones are so eaten away from the arthritis that the doctor isn't sure it will really heal. Although as of now, it is looking good. The staph infection was taken care of and her IVs for that were removed, but we just found out today that the wound on her bottom is infected again and it is with the staph. They are going to try to treat this one with pills. She has been in the nursing home for the last 3 weeks. Hopefully will be returning home within the next week or so. As if all this weren't enough, my son-in-law has had to have surgery again and with my daughter working, I've been watching Ryan most days. Usually, I take her to the hospital with me, but sometimes I can't. Added to all this, my darn computer has been down and I certainly haven't had time to worry with it. It still doesn't have email. I'm hoping to get all that fixed within the next week or so. For some reason, I couldn't find your email address--no longer have the old computer, I'm using one from my husband's office and it has XP professional (which I hate)and I can't use it very efficiently. I'm sorry to leave you an email on your blog, but I didn't know what else to do as I didn't want you to think that I'd just quit sending you emails. Don't even try to send me one yet.
By the way, the hats and grand nieces are cute, cute, cute! I won't even go into how impressed I am with the fan piece. It's drop dead gorgeous!Cherie "Remember me" Clough

dragon knitter said...

those hats are just darling! and so are the babies! i have a feeling grandbabies are going to come sooner than grand nieces/nephews (my oldest nephew is 15, lol). i will keep this pattern in mind for them. too cute!

Jenny said...

Thanks for the adorable photos!! I really wasn't smitten by the hats until I saw these photos...too cute! And great job, great auntie, haha! Yeah, that title DOES sound older than grandma. I just became a great auntie myself less than a month ago. No grandchildren in sight.........

hockey mom said...

Awwww! They are too precious and those hats are adorable! I have to admit when I first saw them san babies, I wasn't quite getting it (I have boys), but once you see them with the hats on - too cute!

Great job Great Auntie. And I mean that you're great, not old. ;)

Maggie Ann said...

Aren't they a couple of sweeties!! They are sweet enough and then some for 'cupcake' hats which are very cute. I like'm.!