Saturday, December 03, 2005


I've been a little neglectful in my blog posting lately. No good excuses, just didn't have much to say and was a little on the busy side.

Last weekend we helped our daughter and son-in-law move into their new home, packing up the moving truck at one end and unloading it at the other. Unfortunately the carpets were being cleaned upstairs so all the stuff had to be taken into the basement suite and moved upstairs over the next few days. Here they are, the happy couple on moving day.

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Yesterday was spent putting up our Christmas tree. This year I had some help. Thanks Jordon! I really enjoyed the time we spent together.

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Maggie Ann said...

Enjoyed this post! What a big blessing that your daughter and her husband live close enough to visit .....I'm a tad jealous. Not really, I've adjusted (finally) to our daughter and her family living in another state.~~Your living room is lovely Marlene and so cozy! What a beautiful tree you've got there. We are shopping tomorrow for a tree. Happy Holidays to you!

Marlene said...

It looks a lot cozier when everything is back in its place, Maggie Ann.

In this photo our coffee table had been moved for better access to the tree while we decorated. I set up the tree on an old sheet and once the lights and garland are on we use the sheet to drag the tree into the corner. "Drag" because it is incredibly heavy. My son, in a fit of youthful masculinity, figured he could just lift the tree into the corner. I let him try and a fit of hilarity insued. The partially decorated tree came apart at one of the joins (it is one of the most realistic fake trees I have seen) and he was left struggling to hold it up while I directed the top back into the bottom. Funny.....and fun.