Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Sample Bear

Another little bear made from leftover scraps of handspun wool using the pattern in the Spring 1995 issue of "Spin Off".

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He's two tone because I ran out of the first, blue yarn. I think it still turned out well though. The eyes weren't crossed when I first embroidered them. That happened when I did the soft pulled the eyes down and inward. He looks like he needs a little bee on his nose or something. The nose and the whites of the eyes were done with needle felting. I didn't think the black pupils would show up on the dark colored wool with out that addition.


Arrrgh Matey said...

Oh! He is so cute! I crochet but this makes me want to learn to knit!

jess said...

very cute! i like the two-tone. :)

Marlene said...

Jessica, Leisel left a link in the comments of my previous post, (titled "It's About Time"), and it has the cutest little CROCHETED bears I have ever seen. Check it out!

Maggie Ann said...

Maybe his eyes got crossed when you poked them with the needle...hee, hee. Hope your sense of humor is working today = ). He's a cute little fellow!

marti said...

the bear is adorable. i like how you used the two colors of yarn to complete the project.