Monday, December 05, 2005

It's About Time!

Well, I finally got myself a round Tuit enabling me to accomplish a few things around here.

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You can get your own round Tuit here.

With this lovely Tuit (did I mention that it was one of the rare, round ones?) I was finally able to get around to posting on this much neglected blog.

Using the Tuit I finally found the time to hem a handwoven tea towel that has been languishing in my sewing room for weeks. All it needed was the hems! Please excuse the garishness of the color. It's the first weaving I've done in years and was part of a group warp used by the guild. The other (experienced) weavers were sensible and worked their towels in various versions of a plaid. I thought for my first weaving I had better just stick to straight weaving, no need to complicate things by adding in a few color changes. As it is I made enough mistakes. Who cares? It still does a mighty fine job of drying dishes.

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I was finally able to photograph this little, handspun, hand knitted, string jointed teddy. He's been finished for more than a week but photography was delayed until I got a round Tuit.

EDIT: The pattern for the little teddy is found in the Spring 1995 issue of "Spin Off". I did a little soft sculpture shaping on the face, which was rather pointy and "rat-ish".

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I also took a comforter in to be cleaned, mended a shirt, and got my Christmas cards ready for mailing. Vacuuming is next on my list, and with the round Tuit, I know that it will happen.

Just think what this round Tuit could do for you if you kept it in your knitting basket. Why, there would be no more unfinished objects! Every project would be finished on time. You'd learn all those new techniques you've been meaning to try. Never would a sweater remain in pieces, waiting for blocking and seaming. No, you would have a round Tuit right there handy to take care of these things.

Better go get yourself one, quick! I hear they are quite hard to come by.


dragon knitter said...

i've been needing a round Tuit since my eldest daughter was born! i'll have to run right out and get one (when i get around to it).

that bear is darling! where'd ya get the pattern?

Anonymous said...

Love it; I have a paper one at my desk at work - alas "IT" doesn't work that well! I did finish cupcake hat and five hour sweater in matching colors and does it ever look good together! Thanks for your support and encouragement throughout my endeavour. I hope the baby enjoys his Christmas attire.


Leisel said...

Oh, what an adorable teddy! I don't think I've ever seen a miniature knit one like that. There are a few patterns for crocheted ones out there, though... I'm making a miniature bear from the little knothead pattern here:

Maggie Ann said...

I could use a Toit! But maybe I'd get a big head if I did all the things put off....I'd better stay humble *smile* Your little bear is very cute and your weaving....I am so impressed..did you really need that toit? You are a very motivated person that I sure admire!