Sunday, June 18, 2006

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to any father who happens to stumble across my blog today. I hope you have a great day full of all the things you love most.

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My husband loves lemon meringue pies so I've made a couple for his special day. He is a wonderful man, totally deserving of a special day in his honor.


Isabelle said...

I'm not a father, but I'm interested that it's Father's Day in Canada. I know that American Mother's Day is at a different time; I wonder if their Father's Day is too. Or does Canada have the same days as Britain? March, for M's Day. Anyway - those look fine pies. How nice to be married to a good man; I am too.

Rabbitch said...

I'm not a father, but I'm interested in pie. Those look fantastic!

Marlene said...

Isabelle, Mother's Day is in May here.

Yes, my husband is definately a "keeper". Glad you found a good one too.

PJ said...

What a nice tribute to do for your husband!...and yummy looking :)

Maggie Ann said...

Your pies are delicious looking...what a great gift!! I should have thought of I can imagine you saying, 'go for it'!

Zippianna said...

Lovely pies. What a nice thing to do for your deserving fella.