Wednesday, June 21, 2006


I've finished "W", which is a free tank top pattern available at Sorry about the blurry photos, I wasn't having much luck with the camera.

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Size medium, knit with just over 4 50 gm balls of "ONline Linie 139-Cicada" in the color named "Pacific Coast" which I purchased through My second one will be knit from "ONline Linie 117 - City" in "02 Marble". I might decide to make the smaller size as this one hangs on me around the middle.

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I made a few changes on this pattern, and will include more changes the next time I knit it. Yes, I will knit it again, very soon. I have yarn for a second one, next time in shades of grey and with a little less texture.

The top is knit vertically from one side to the other in short rows that provide the shaping. The pattern directions have you casting on, knitting across the first piece, and then binding off. Repeat for the second side. That just doesn't make sense to me. Why create seams for yourself by casting on and off? With the next one I plan to use a provisional cast-on, knit all the way around (not casting off and on when I reach the side), and then end by grafting the final row of live stitches to the ones held in the provisional cast on. Yes, it is just as much work, but it will give a neater, more professional finish.

The other change I made was in the cast off at the bottom edge. A regular cast off was not stretchy enough for my liking. I did what I believe is an original bind off of my own invention. It adds a bit of stitch length in every fourth stitch using what I call a "reknit" stitch.

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aija said...

Very flattering!

PJ said...

Looks like a beautiful fit...and cool ;)

Maggie Ann said...

Beautiful colors!

Anonymous said...

I made this tank a little while ago. I too am going to make it again and in one piece. I had trouble with the garter stitch boarder on the bottom. Did you have any problems with that? I tried 4 times to pick-up the stitches to make it look nice but every time it either puckered or any suggestions?

Marlene said...

I was riding in a car when I did mine and I missed the part where it says to use a larger needle. I did mine with the same size needle as the main body piece but then did a cast off that has a little more give than your standard bind off. My band is a little snug.

Tracy, if you are sure to pick up a stitch in every other row it should make your band even all around. If it seems too loose use a smaller needle. If it is too tight you could go larger. Either way, try to stick to the ratio of one stitch picked up for every two rows in the body piece so that it is even.