Monday, June 26, 2006

Hazelnut Spun

I've now finished spinning 1000 grams of N.Z. Corriedale in the color "Hazelnut". This is from commercially combed top purchased from "Aurelia Wool & Weaving".

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The bright, blazing, blistering hot* sun kind of washed out the detail and color in the photo. Trust me, it's a beautiful colorway. It will eventually become a pullover sweater for my husband.

*At 10:30 A.M. it is already 86 degrees F. in my upstairs hallway.....and it will get much, much hotter before the day is through. My house is situated such that it gets all the morning sun blasting in the windows at the back of the house. It does a quick hop over the house at noon and then bakes us through the front windows until the sun goes down.

Needless to say, evenings are reserved for lying around downstairs whining or, after dinner when it gets "cooler", (HA!), lying around outside whining. I try to have everything that needs to be done upstairs accomplished by no later than 10 A.M. or the heat is just too much for me to handle. Potato salad and a veggie tray are waiting in the fridge for supper. Something barbecue-ish will be purchased as well.

My computer is UPstairs.
NOW.....before I melt away.


Nicole said...

Eep! I can totally sympathise. When I was growing up in Canada, we didn't have air conditioning and 86 was definitely hot. My mom used to make strawberry soup for dinner. Now that I live in DC, I think I would die without it. We usually turn it on in April or May and keep it on until September or October.

Maggie Ann said...

The heat can be fierce to live with, can't it? We have the ac on all the time here. At night our son turns the thermostat down and it gets too cool for I turn it up in the a.m. Our basement is all remodeled now and believe me, it is sweater territory. ~I haven't started the one-stitch sweater yet. I decided to visit a yarn shop later and get something nice...a gray color is what I would like the sweater to be.

Knitty Cat said...

We've been so po' that I've got my AC set at 80. It realy sucks in the afternoon because my appt. faces west. There is no 'cool' room to escape to like there is in most houses.
Anywho, I found your blog through the sexy knitters too blog. I saw 'marlene' over in the participants along with 'knitty cat'. I could not figure out why they had listed me twice...only to see (duh) i'm not the only marlene on the planet.