Monday, June 19, 2006

Not Your Average Gnomes

Father's Day brought a few gnomes to our garden......if you can call it a garden. Note the suspicious lack of flowers? Next year we will do better.

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These little gnomes brought along their own solar powered lamps. They charge in the sunlight and glow with a bluish light at night. Doesn't the first one just beg to have a stream running under the log they are sitting on?

And this second one seems to want to be peeking out of some thick, tall vegetation. Ornamental grasses perhaps?

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Anyone have suggestions for their names?


kristo said...

the old one with the book should be "grandpa tubbins"... i don't know why, it was the first thing to come to mind. :-)

Maggie Ann said...

I don't have any name suggestions but aren't you glad these are guys you'll never have to cook supper for! They look like they stepped right out of the forest/storybook. How neat about the solar powered lights.

dragon knitter said...

no, no, he's grandda boffin. the little guy is squiggles. too cool!

PJ said...

Love 'em.... Uncle Herald reading to Lil' George
...first thing from my mind. OR could be the reverse!

kristo said...

now you need to post a picture of them all lit up at night.

Marlene said...

Great names! I was favouring some sort of grandpa name for the two bearded fellows myself and I like both Boffin and Tubbins. Perhaps one of them is an Uncle...or maybe a Great Uncle too? hmmm....I'll have to look deep into their eyes for the answer. :-)

Kris, I couldn't get a good night time picture. The lights don't come on until after it is quite dark and, with no tri-pod for my camera, I get either a no flash picture that shows nothing but the light, or a with flash picture that wipes out any light thrown from the lamp.