Sunday, November 05, 2006

Visiting Bug

So I'm spinning away last night, my eyes more on a TV program than on the roving sliding through my hands, when suddenly in my drafting hand I feel something small, cold, and moist. I look down and find this little critter....

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Normally I'm not afraid of pill/sow bugs. In fact I'm fond of the little fellows. I even recall reading a short story to my children that had a pill bug as it's hero. Finding one riding along on my wool roving was a little unnerving though. My first thought was "Do pill bugs eat wool?!" and the second was "How did it get in my wool?". I went scurrying to the computer to look up the subject and be sure that they are indeed the innocent, friendly bugs I had always assumed. I found THIS. What does the phrase "eating both dead and live plant and animal debris.", mean to you? Would you say that clean wool roving would be considered "animal debris"? Would a pill/sow bug seek it out as food or was it just caught in the wrong place at the wrong time?

To avoid uninvited guests I am relatively careful about not leaving any sort of wool directly touching the floor. My full bobbins are kept up off the floor on a little table. My plastic basket of rovings has a solid bottom and sides that are solid for an inch or so. Last night however, I had predrafted a length of roving and that one section was on the floor beside me as I spun. Do you think the little bug just hitched a ride with no intent to stay around for dinner? I hope so. I treated it as innocent until proven guilty and tossed it into the compost pile along with the combing waste you see in the picture.


dragon knitter said...

careful, you may give the little buggers a taste for the wool! lol, just kidding.

Vicki said...

Ewww! It'd be bad enough to see it, but to catch you unaware in the act of spinning. I don't think I'll be able to take my eyes off my roving while spinning any more.

Nicole said...

I'm with Vicki! Bugs totally freak me out, alive or dead. Hope that's the only one you find.