Monday, December 04, 2006


Last night when this skein came off the niddy noddy even my non-spinning husband could see that something was not right. He laughed. I, however, was having the crappiest day I've had in a long time and could not see the humor in the situation.

This curly, ultra-sproingy, wreath-like thingy was supposed to be a large, perfect, beautifully spun skein. Something to be petted, admired and used as a balm for my frazzled nerves. Perhaps even an object of "art" to be displayed so others could admire it as well. Instead I got THIS:

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The only thing that prevented me from bursting into tears was the persistent thought that I shouldn't jump to conclusions, that I shouldn't give up on it yet. The absurd bundle of tight little corkscrews hadn't yet had its post spinning bath. I had this mental image of it unwinding in a tub of hot soapy water. I mean when I'm tense and "wound up" a hot bath can sometimes do wonders. Why wouldn't a bath work the same magic on an overly tense and uptight skein?

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The instant it hit the water it relaxed dramatically! It is still too soon to tell, (it's still lounging in the rinse water) but I think it might work out just fine.

Maybe I'll be okay too.


kristo said...

i like the sproingy wreath! it just needs a pair of googley eyes.

Michelle said...

Oh my heavens!! Well, at least I'll be prepared in the event that ever happens to me...which I'm certain it will. LOL I hope it comes out of its bath all sleek and, ummm, uncurly. I'll be here waiting.

Marlene said...

I'm assuming Kris, that you think it looks something like Oscar the grouch? Hmpf! Someone else was wearing it around here like he thought it was a hair substitute.

Michelle, I've done a few over plyed skeins before but they have never behaved quite like this. Usually they coil around themselves, "Z" if overplyed, "S" if underplyed, but this one contracted into hundreds of tight corkscrews. The skein did not coil around itself at all.

It's looking much better now that it is hanging to dry. Photos, and a few guesses at the cause, tomorrow.

Carrie said...

oooo, very interesting. I can't wait to see what happens when it dries =) I know absolutely nothing about spinning, so thanks for leading what should be a very interesting lesson!

dragon knitter said...

try hanging it with a weight. i find that even the most unbalanced yarn will unkink under weight. i do love the color though (if it's any balm, most of my first yarns came out like that, it's only been recently that i've been able to be balanced (the last one came out gorgeously, even if i do say so myself))