Thursday, December 21, 2006

Virtual Gifts

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Marlene said...

KrisI think I'll get him to do the housework --- before AND after Christmas. Thanks. What a thoughtful gift.

Jo said...

Shoot! You have the same background as another blog I read, so I left the wrong present under the tree! How embarrassing. Instead, I leave you POUNDS of the nicest roving in a rainbow of colors and the reindeer too. I really feel dumb, sorry!

Marlene said...

That's okay Jo, I don't know a "Bugga", but I do have a dog and a yard so I'll enjoy the reindeer anyway. ;-) I wonder if reindeer fur can be spun?

Marlene said...

Thanks Mom! I could really use a lap top!

Thanks for the chocolate Stacy, such a variety!

Well thanks Jane, what a heartwarming gift --- and comment!

Ooo, NOG. Lauri, you must have known I've been a little wound up with all the Christmas prep these last few days. Sit down and have a cup with me?

What lovely cookies Karen. Thank you. Hey everyone, gather around the fire here for cookies, Nog, and chocolate. I'm sure there is enough for all.

The mysterious "J". I'm all set in case the other laptop breaks down hey? Thanks.

Mike and Anne. Perhaps I can use some of the money Michelle sent and we all have a virtually good time?

Thanks for the duckie B. That's a gift I won't be sharing. Nope. Just me, ducky, and a tub full of bubbles.

MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE! I'm glad you had fun with your virtual giving. Not so hard on the bank account hey? It's suprisingly fun to find the gifts there too.

PJ said...

This is late, but I just wanted to leave you one! See what I miss when I leave!!!! Happy New Year!