Friday, March 16, 2007

In Praise of Charity Knitting

Along with the baby pictures and grandma-esk bragging that are sure to become a regular feature on this blog, I want to let everyone know how appreciated the little, hand knit, newborn hats anonymously donated to hospitals are.

I've never knit a charity hat for a newborn before but that might change now. I just wasn't aware how much the "little touch of handmade" would mean to the new parents (and grandma!). I figured that because the recipient didn't know the knitter there would be no "bond" with the item and it would just be "another hat", not special in any way. Boy, was I wrong.

The very fact that the knitter does NOT know the baby and parents they are knitting the hat for makes it extra, extra special. From the perspective of a grandma who was there for the labour, birth, and hospital stay, let me tell you it means a LOT when they open that big drawer of little knitted hats and let the mom choose the one she will keep as a memento of this special day, and baby's first bath.

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While my daughter and I looked through the drawer finding just the right hat for newborn Kaylen, still damp from her first bath, it struck me that the little hat was a symbol that the baby was not only loved and welcomed by her family, but by the community as a whole, and by the particular knitter who selflessly knit that lovely little hat.

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How wonderful the community of knitters are. So generous, so loving, and so willing to spend their time knitting with no thought of thanks or praise. In the case of the hospital hats, there is no opportunity for the mom to thank the particular knitter so --- Thank you kind knitters. Your work IS truly appreciated.

Kaylen also received another very special hat. This one was knit especially for her by her Great Grandma, my mom, and will always be a cherished keepsake.

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Sorry mom that we did not understand that the intent was for her to wear it during her hospital stay. It was packed away in her dresser drawer with the pretty little things waiting for her home-coming. She is wearing it now though, and she looks like a little angel in it. So sweet. Thanks SO much. We love you.


Maggie Ann said...

How beautiful she is!!!! I can only imagine how rich with joy you feel. I remember how excited we were at the birth of our grandson! Congratulations to you & your family, Marlene. Thanks for sharing Kaylen's pictures. (and what a pretty name!) She's just so beautiful and precious. God's gift. I'm so glad I got to 'see' your bundle of joy!

dragon knitter said...

speaking as one of those charity knitters, you're welcome. i don't do it for the thanks, lol, but it's nice when someone does say thank you. with the charity yahoo group i work with, occasionally we get thank yous from nurses and coordinators. we rarely get thank yous from parents, although it happens once in a while. and kaylen is just darling. you've got a beautiful baby girl there (and someone to knit for, woohoo!)

Marlene said...

The little hat had no tag and there was no comment about where it came from Minnie. How were the members of your group discovered by the few receipients that did say thank you? I would love to thank the actual knitter if I could, but don't know how.