Thursday, March 08, 2007

Sample Weaving

Last Saturday I attended a weaving workshop held by our guild and generously taught by one of our experienced weavers. We were learning about a weave structure which is named "Summer and Winter" after its alternating blocks of dark and light. I managed to complete 4 of the 14 samples that day, which was probably about average. I went home and completed two more of the samples that evening.

I continued with the project today and got another 6 samples finished. They aren't perfect, which of course bugs me, but I remind myself that they are just samples and are meant as learning tools. The good ones will make their way into a sample book/file, and the ones with errors may possibly be redone correctly some day --- that is if I like them enough otherwise. Some I like more than others.

Of the ones I did today, these first two are my favorites. Pardon the ends. Those are dealt with after the work is off the loom. This warp is still a work in progress.

Sample 7
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Sample 8
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The lower Sample in this next photo is riddled with mistakes. I think I wasn't paying careful enough attention and lost track of where I was in the treadling a couple of times. I kind of like the top Sample in the picture though. It was an experiment using "Swiss Twill" as the treadling pattern on the "Summer and Winter" warp.
Swiss Twill treadling (above)
Sample 9 (below)
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Sample 10
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Maggie Ann said...

You are amazing! These are so interesting and #7&8 look like the 'purl' side of knitting somewhat. Think so? I love the way you master things...

Marlene said...

Yes, I can see how 7 & 8 look something like purled stitches.

I'm not even close to mastering weaving Maggie. In fact I am a wee little beginner at this. Weaving is something that, once the loom is warped, you can flub your way through and still come up with a remarkably good looking product.