Saturday, March 10, 2007

While We're Waiting

So far no grand-baby. While I'm waiting for the call I'm knitting inappropriately colored soakers.

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Our daughter would like to use cloth diapers but we couldn't find any first size rubber pants so I'm hoping a few old fashioned "soaker" diaper covers will help "contain" everything until Baby is large enough for the 3 month size. The colors are not very baby girl-ish, but they are all I have in my stash. A quick trip to my nearest LYS was not fruitful. Amazingly enough they don't have any pastel colors in knitting worsted wool.

Oh well. I'm not sure that they will work or fit anyway.


PJ said...

how exciting! I'm waiting for you ;) Can't wait to hear the news!!!

dragon knitter said...

as i'm s ure you know, first babies are usually late. i'm commiserating with your daughter (3 of my 4 were late, lol). and i think the soaker looks great! personally, i think kids look cute in vibrant colors.

Barb outside boston said... Masters Monday post. Does this mean you're busy with a new baby?

Maggie Ann said...

Just checking in! btw, I tried my gauge again...I went from a size 5 needle to a size...gulp..'2' and am still 1/4 inch over target. Ah well...

Mandi said...

Congratulations, Grandma! I saw on your daughter's blog that the new bundle has arrived...have fun!

gail from surrey said...

Congrats, Granny!!! Where are the pics!?!?!?

Marlene said...

Thanks PJ. Our granddaughter is here now and has stolen our hearts, and for the past few days, much of my time!

It looks like the "baby ticker" kept ticking along without us Minnie. My daughter ended up having her first baby ON her due date. From the moment she first phoned to say she was in labor my life became a whirlwind of activity and I am just returning home now to a neglected blog and 91 unread emails!

Yes Barb, the delay in the Master's Monday report is due to the arrival of a precious little bundle. Kaylen has stolen Grandma's heart and much of her time too!

I AM having fun Mandi. After living and breathing "baby" for the past many days, it was hard to tear myself away and return to my own home. *sigh*

There will be many, many pictures Gail. The first batch developed (from both my son-in-law's camera and mine) came to 120 pictures and many more have been taken since. My blog is in grave danger of becoming a BABY blog. She's my new hobby dontcha know?