Sunday, June 24, 2007

Another Setback

Well here we go again. It seems some days you just can't get ahead. After that last frogging incident I put the Nicole Vest aside for awhile, but over the last few days I have been working on it again. The road trip to Manning Park and back had me moving ahead by 2 repeats (8 rows per repeat). Today I had added an additional repeat --- and I should have stopped there.

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But noooooo, I was enjoying myself and decided to press on. After another 3 rows I was admiring my work, draping it over my foot of all things, seeing how some of the patterns would look as a sock, when out it leaped, another darn error. And wouldn't you know it, it was in the dreaded faggotting again. Aargh. I find faggotting is rather unique in that it is easy as pie to knit, but horrid to try to drop down and ladder back up again. Those interconnecting YOs in the centre are the trouble. They have to fit into the p2tog tbl just so. Any errors are quite glaringly obvious. You know I tried. I really tried. And in the end, just like last time, I ended up having to rip several rows (5 this time around), with the slow and fiddly tinking of the last row.

I don't mind the reknitting --- I DO like knitting after all. It's all the time wasted ripping that I resent.


Nicole said...

I had this problem when I was making the Odessa hat - it's such a simple pattern but I kept having to redo it over and over again. Finally I resulted to placing stitch markers between every repeat. Seemed excessive and totally ridiculous but finally I was able to get it right. :) Sometimes we all need a little help. :)

dragon knitter said...

does thinking of it as practice help at all?

Maggie Ann said...

How frustrating...but oh my, what must it be like to be able to knit such a beautiful thing!

Ruinwen said...

Wouldn't it be nice if while you're down by the pond there would be a frog you could kiss who would turn into a Knitting Prince? He would take up your knitting and redo everything for you with a smile and maybe a cup of tea for your nerves? :)

Sorry too much heat. Hope things get better.