Friday, June 22, 2007

Day Trip

It's unusual for my husband to get a Friday off so we made the best of it by taking a little day trip up to Manning Park. That's one of the beautiful things about living where we do. Many interesting attractions are just a short hop away.

We hiked as far around the lake as we could. We had to turn back when much of the path was closed because clearing of the Fall and Winter windfallen trees was taking place. We saw a LOT of wildlife during our hike though. Besides the usual variety of birds in the air and on the water, we also saw 6 deer. These three, a mama and her twins, were on the path just ahead of us. They were much closer than shown in the photo. By the time I got my camera turned on and zoomed in, she of course decided she should take the babies farther away.

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Now these little marmots were not so easily spooked. I found that if we were all quiet and sneaky like they disappeared down one of their numerous tunnels --- BUT, if you spoke to them in the manner that you would a beloved kitten or puppy, they held still, posed even, for the camera.

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Rustle a food wrapper and they came a runnin'.

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Drop a few crumbs of granola bar and they practically ambushed your feet.

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Think they've met humans before?


Isabelle said...

I've never even heard of a marmot but they're very cute. We've just bought two kittens, which are also cute, though I have a suspicion that they're going to be a lot of work.

PJ said...

Those marmots knew exactly hwat they were doing! What a wonderful day trip! Those are the things that just refresh your soul!

AlisonH said...

Oh cute!!

Laura said...

Naw. Those little guys have never seen people before. LOL

Reminds me of one time when I was a kid... We took walnuts from our trees at home to the squirrels in Golden Gate Park. We were practically ambushed! LOL

Maggie Ann said...

What great shots you got of those darling marmots, looks like a day to