Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Frogging Faggotting

Awwwwww, SHOOT!

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I discovered an error in one of the SSK/P2tog sections of a column of faggotting in the Nicole Vest. Seems I SSK when I should've P2tog. *sigh*

Over my morning coffee I discussed my possible courses of action with my husband.

  1. I could leave it. It wasn't a huge, in your face kind of error. No one but me would notice it when it was being worn.
  2. I could (in theory) drop the 2 stitches down and knit them back up correctly. Faggotting complicates this procedure because it involves some tricky YOs and directional decreases. I wasn't sure my skills were up to the task. If I dropped them down and couldn't get them back up correctly I would have to resort to #3.
  3. I could rip back all the way to the mistake and reknit. Didn't want to do that as it involved around 16 rows, maybe more. Over 200 stitches per row.

Originally I thought I would just go with #1. Leave it. Small error, no one will see it ---

--- except me.

As I worked out at the gym (I do my best contemplating there) I came to a self-realization. There was no way I was going to be able to live with the mistake so it had to be corrected. Yes, yes. I could do it. I'd go with #2. Drop down those stitches and ladder back up correctly. If worse came to worst and I wasn't able to ladder it up? I could always rip it back all the way to the error and reknit the 16 rows. The idea of reknitting those rows was bothering me less than the thought of having a glaring (to me) error right on the front of my top. I know me. I'd be pointing that error out to every person who ever gave me a compliment.

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Looks like some frogging is in order. Oh well. It's only knitting, right? I like knitting. I'll just reknit all 3,200+ stitches.

----murrmurr, froggin', freakin', faggotting, frrrrumsnickle, murrmurr, murrmurr fir----


Rabbitch said...

Oh dear. But rest assured it'll be lovely when it's done and it won't drive you mental.

I had the same sort of issue on a hat I was making last night (although it wasn't a complicated one). I left the mistake, though. It's for charity, it's warm, it doesn't look stupid, and the deadline is approaching. If I "fixed" it, it would take about the same amount of time as it would to complete another item I have half-way done.

Marlene said...

The time I spent TRYing to ladder up those stitches would have been better spent just ripping and reknitting. Oh well. At least now I know that particular technique didn't work. I mean really, it's just knitting and I'm supposed to enjoy that. I'll trying to look at it as "prolonging the enjoyment" of this particular project.

Maggie Ann said...

The 'fix' sounds intimidating to me anyway you approach it...of course I'm only a 'blue moon' knitter. Once in a great while that is. I have just emailed you...I hope you get it, I need advice! I'm wrestling with my first and very dirty fleece.

Ruinwen said...

I'm sorry you've been spending so much time at the frog pond as of late...but I applaud you trying to fix it. Sorry it didn't work.

I can't let something like that go either. I mean there are the simple mistakes that no one will see that I let go as my gift to appease the crafting Gods...but then there are the ones I try to fix and I always end up wishing that I'd just taken a breath and ripped.

You'll see it will knit up twice as quick and you'll love it even more. :)

dragon knitter said...

i made a felted bag a couple years ago, and accidentally twisted ONE stitch. i kept telling myself "you're going to felt it, you'll never see it!" it took all my willpower to leave the thing alone, and felt it. even though you can't see it now, i can tellyou exactly where that twisted stitch was!

i don't blame you in the slightest.

Michelle said...

I would be doing the same thing. I gotta frog, though I'm getting a little better at leaving the small stuff...this would have also driven me batty.