Sunday, November 25, 2007

3 Days Drying

This big, fat skein of 2 ply, Superwash Merino/Viscose blend took a full three days to dry. It's amazingly soft, super springy, and has a beautiful sheen.

285 g / 10.25 oz

472.5 m / 525 yds

17 WPI / fingeringweight (superfine / #1)

More being spun up!


dragon knitter said...

are you going to dye it, or leave it natural as it is? whatcha gonna knit (or weave, lol) with it?

Marlene said...

I haven't decided yet Minnie. I really love the colour "as is", and will complete at least one project without dyeing. The remainder might be dyed on a project by project basis.

I have found my favourite way of dealing with handspun is to knit the article first and then dye it. (Like my Swallowtail Shawl that started off natural and was later dyed bright red.) That way I don't have little bits of leftovers of all different colours. Of course that only works if you want a solid colour or are willing to handpaint the knitted item. That's fine with me though, as I've never been one for variegated clothing.