Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Step One

I've got the first step of the Stash Buster Rug done. Two days (about 7 - 8 hours total) at the loom and I have two and a half yards of heavy, woven fabric ready to cut into strips of chenille.

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In the beginning I had definite ideas of how I was going to do this, but ended up doing something totally different. I thought I would weave it off in a rather bland blend of darks/dulls, whites/creams, with small shots of bright colour to jazz it up a bit.

I started off that way --- the light coloured portion at the beginning (right hand side of the next picture) --- but when I got going on what was meant to be a short "dash" of blue, I LOVED the colour and realized I had quite a bit of it in my stash, so I just kept right on weaving with it until the various blues were getting in short supply.

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I had a nice variegated yarn that had both blues and a wine colour. That led to gradually transitioning into the vibrant pinks that I also had in an abundant supply.

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When the pinks showed signs of depleting I reached for the pinky reds, then the deep plumy reds, and on into the black.

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I wanted to pull the colours full circle, back to the cream again so I gradually changed out the blacks, into greys, and then creams and whites.

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I'm glad I abandoned my original plan. I think this will look quite pretty in the finished rug. My only regret is that it leaves the sharp colour change between the cream colour and the bright blue. I'm not worried though. The second stage of the weaving throws the colours all about and there won't be just one abrupt change of colour. The blue/cream break will happen frequently throughout the rug.

Here is a peek back at the last Stash Buster Rug yardage before it was cut up and rewoven:

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And what it looked like with the second stage being woven.

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So you see, there is hope yet!


Nicole said...

Can't wait to see the new one - I'm sure it will look amazing! The blue is fantastic.

Rebecca said...

I've been lurking for awhile but I have to speak up now that you've gone and done it. My hubby has threatened me on this but it's too late. I've gone and caught the bug. I want a loom. That rug is awesome! I can't wait to see it progress.

Michelle said...

I can't wait, either! I love seeing the progress.

Ruinwen said...

Those colors are just amazing! I can't wait to see how this turns out! :)

Marlene said...

You need to have a pretty heavy duty loom for this kind of weaving Rebecca. The loom I am weaving on belongs to the guild. The "Projects Committee" puts on a long warp and then anyone who wants to weave a rug just has to pay a small fee to cover the cost of the warp. My own little table loom could never handle something like this. Find a's a great way to learn to weave, gather inspiration and ideas, and enjoy friendship with like minded folks.

Maggie Ann said...


Taueret said...

wow, I love it (followed your link here from ravelry!)- whata great technique.