Tuesday, November 27, 2007

And Baby's Makes Three

With the end of November fast approaching the crunch was on and I had to concentrate on getting our granddaughter's stocking completed in time for her family's December 1 st decorating spree.

Kaylen's stocking will join those that I made for her Mommy and Daddy last year.

I still have a liner to do for Kaylen's stocking, but that won't be needed until Christmas Eve. The liners are something I make up myself to protect the more labour intensive and easily damaged appliqued stocking. They are not part of the Mary Maxim kits.


Beth said...

So beautiful! The snowman is my favorite.

kristo said...

They all look awesome.
Kaylen is going to love hers!!!

Carrie said...

I always look forward to seeing your beautiful stockings. They do look very labor intensive!

Ruinwen said...

So adorable! :)