Tuesday, November 20, 2007

While Opportunity Knocks

There aren't a lot of guild members chomping at the bit to do one of these Stash Buster rugs, otherwise known as "twice woven rugs", right now (too busy with pre-Christmas preparations I suppose), so I'm taking advantage of the opportunity.

Even though I can't weave the second step of either rug for quite some time yet, (the loom has to be rewarped first) I figured I might as well get another run of chenille done while I wait. In contrast to the last one, which is being done in bright blues and hot pinks, this one will be a more subdued "naturals" with an earthy organic feel to it. That's the plan anyway.


dragon knitter said...

if you're planning on doing a lot of those kinds of things, do you think electric scissors might be easier on your hands? (this from the woman who used shears to cut through 4 layers of polar fleece at once, ouch!)

Nicole said...

The colours are very pretty.

Marlene said...

The rug is a project that requires a heavy, sturdy loom --- which I don't have. Even though I love doing the twice woven rugs, I can only make them when the guild decides to do it as a group project. Doing two back to back like this is rare. I will normally only have a chance to do one about once a year. But yes, electric shears sound great.

Ruinwen said...

I love how the colors are totally different for this one.