Wednesday, May 07, 2008


Okay, okay. So this photo of an old, old finished project (the wall quilt is almost 20 years old!) Is just an excuse to get my cute little granddaughter's photo on my blog.

And speaking of excuses, a quick comment about the recent lack of Masters Monday posts.

  • I've been very busy organizing a knitter's group in my area.
  • I HAVE done a bit of work on the requirements each week but it hasn't been knitting or worthy of a photo.....(answering questions, researching techniques).
  • I've had a migraine headache on both of the missed Masters Mondays (no, really!)
  • I've been sidetracked trying to finish a sweater I shouldn't have started in the first place.
Good news though. I bought yarn for the Master Knitter's Level II vest today.


PJ said...

How cute! and good reason to show your quilt ;) hope those migraines stop coming weekly!

Marlene said...

Didn't want to sound like I was asking for a pity party, just wanted readers to know that I wasn't actually giving up on Masters Monday. I have been working a wee bit on the program, but my brain hurt too much both Mondays to think too hard about how to compose a Masters Monday post without pictures or much in the way of content.

Hopefully I'll be back on track next Monday.

Nicole said...

Cute! She's getting so big.

Dorothy said...

You certainly don't need an excuse to post granddaughter pictures! She's darling - and growing so fast.

Maggie Ann said...

Your granddaughter is a doll!

AlisonH said...

She's absolutely adorable!