Thursday, May 01, 2008

Fine Tuning

I've made a few small revisions to the way I warp my rigid heddle loom. First, for wider warps I'm now using 3 pegs for the continuous warping.

I had my husband secure the pegs into a board which I can then attach with C-clamps to my warping table (an old door he uses as a work bench). Using 3 pegs seems to make for a more even warp while at the same time eliminating the pile up of warp threads that happens when trying to put them all on only one peg.

For this stage of the warping (beaming the warp), I've done away with the heddle blocks and I just clamp the heddle securely with strong clamps.

Then I turned the C-clamps sideways on the board for added weight and let it drag along the table as resistance as I wound on the warp. I liked having the warp ends still looped around the pegs. It really helped to keep things even. At the bottom of this picture you can just see the burgundy coloured vinyl venetian blind slats I use as warp spacers.

Nice and even!



I like that idea,and have to try it, since I have had serious problems with warping the entire width of the loom.

Hoc Age said...

This summer I'm thinking I'm going to rent/borrow one of these loom and give weaving a try. Your post showing techniques are very helpful. Thanks

Nicole said...

Looks good to me!

Maggie Ann said...

That is SO impressive!

AnnasMomma said...

I just came to your blog from a thread in Ravelry and wanted to say, "Thank you!" Your description was so helpful and came at just the right time.

Judy G. said...

Am I correct in thinking that this works best when the loom is the same width as the table top (or door, in this case)? I came here via the Ravelry thread, and have bookmarked it for future reference. Thanks for a great post!

Marlene said...

You know, I never thought of that Judy! I don't think it is entirely necessary that the loom and the tabletop be the same width, but it would help if they are close to the same width so that clamps can be easily used. I'm thinking a person could get creative and find some other way to secure the loom rather than clamps, if they had to.